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Help us grow the Arts on Vashon! Click the link below to go to the PayPal page of our Allied Arts Foundation of Seattle, our not-for-profit Fiscal Sponsor. All donations made via AAF are tax-deductible. Open Space counts on everyone in our Island community; volunteers, performance artists, donor or in-kind supporters and loyal audience members...

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"I support Open Space because it serves EVERYONE on Vashon Island, but even more than that because it brings art to the island I might not otherwise see. Since Open Space opened its doors I've seen a caliber of performance the island has not produced before. What's even better? They took a space that had been an Island landmark and turned it into a magnificent art venue instead of tearing it down and building again.They found a way to work with what they discovered and I love them for it!" --Alli, Vashon resident