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UMO School Schedule Fall 2016

Classes begin Sept 19th at Open Space for Arts and Community


  4pm Young Aerial Tumblers, age 4-6:

  Taught by Sadie LeDonna, beginners learn balance and coordination skills that lead them to beginning work on aerial apparatus. New students welcome!

4pm Aerial 1, ages 10-12, ongoing class, taught by Kathy Zbryk, by permission.

5pm Aerial 2, ages 12-17, ongoing class, taught by Sadie LeDonna, by permission,

6pm Intro to Aerial, age 7-12, taught by Sadie, new students welcome! Or an add on class for aerial students wishing to take more than one class per week!


2:45 Young Tumblers, age 3-5 (45 minute class; $200) new students welcome! Taught by Sadie LeDonna; toddlers learn how to tumble and roll and create fun games and routines on the floor mats; a great pre-curser to aerial tumbling.

3:30 Advanced Aerial Performance, ongoing class, by permission, taught by Sadie LeDonna
(2 hour class, $350)

4pm Circus Gymnastics 1, (age 6-9) NEW! Learn to roll, tumble, flip, handstands, cartwheels, strength, balance flexibility and fun circus skills, taught by Shawn Kellogg,

5pm Circus Gymnastics 2, (age 10-16) NEW! This class will cover everything in Circus Gymnastics 1, just at a quicker pass for an older age group;

5:30 Intro to Aerial, ongoing class with Sadie, by permission


3:30pm Parkour (age 12-15) learn the balance, strength and core strength required to run the parkour course, taught by Abraham McBride.

4:30 Parkour (age 8-11), taught by Abraham McBride

4pm Intro to aerial, ongoing class, taught by Kathy, by permission.

5pm Intro to aerial, (age 7-12) new students welcome! Taught by Kathy. Or add on class for aerial students taking more than one class a week!


4pm Intro to aerial, ongoing class, taught by Kathy, by permission.

5pm Karate/Stick Fighting, ongoing class, taught by Lyam White, must be 11 years old .

6pm Mixed Martial Arts Workout, NEW! for adults! Taught by Lyam White. Must be 15 yrs old.


3:30-5pm Open gym for advanced aerial students 12 and up, 12 week session, $120 add on class

Performance Seminars happening as follows:

Clowning with Mik Kuhlman 2 weeks Sept 23, 30, 3:30-5pm $50

Video techniques teacher TBD Oct 7, 14, 3:30-5pm $50

Creating your own performance 6 classes; Oct 21, 28, Nov 4, 18, Dec 2, 9
with FINAL PERFORMANCE TBD in December $120 add on class

Students will build their own performance to include all the talents that they bring to the table. Open to all students participating in 2 or more UMO classes.
Teachers will include, Maria Glanz, Elizabeth Klob, Kathy Zbryk, and assistant director Louisa Moody

Class costs

1 class $220

Second class $200 (or second class for same family)

Limited scholarships available upon request


TO REGISTER; EMAIL YOUR CLASS REQUEST WITH THE AGE OF YOUR STUDENT TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.